Request for Technical Assistance: New inroads Resources in Times of COVID19


Demande d’assistance technique : Nouvelles ressources à l’époque de la COVID19: Leer en Francés

Solicitud de asistencia técnica: Nuevos recursos de incursión en tiempos de COVID19 Leer en Español

Inroads members are experiencing the impact of the current global pandemic in myriad ways. As people committed to understanding, managing, and eliminating stigma associated with abortions, members are understandably also facing new and emerging challenges. In this moment of global crisis, inroads is repurposing network resources to support members in different ways.

In this blogpost you can understand the process for Requesting Technical Assistance, designed for members who wish to receive consultation or mentorship from other inroads members.

Guiding Principles 

  • Inroads is a network of individuals with diverse lived experiences, and skills sets or expertise. Technical assistance engagements are intended to focus on a specific challenge related to your abortion stigma work. We also request that you review inroads vision.
  • Members who request TA are also likely to be able to provide TA in other areas.  
  • We acknowledge that many members are doing this work outside of paid professional work. Inroads is committed to distributing resources, especially during this crisis, in a way such to value everyone’s time and work. While the TA requestor does not receive monetary compensation but instead mentorship and guidance around a challenge in their work, the work of the TA provider will be compensated financially by inroads. 

How to Request Technical Assistance 

As an inroads member, you can request technical assistance by filling out this brief form on our website and indicating the kind of support you are looking for. Keep in mind that this is a way for you to request tailored consultation or mentorship for specific challenges you are facing with your stigma-reduction work, and is not a funding mechanism for your ongoing project work. 

If you have any problems with the form, please email This email inbox will be monitored for questions Monday through Friday, East Coast US (EDT) business hours during the grant submission window.  The form and this announcement are in English, however you may complete your responses to the application form in English, Spanish, or French. As we are simultaneously working to build our pool of technical assistance providers, it may take some time to match your request with an appropriate member. 

Request Technical Assistance by filling out this Form!