Planning your Stigma Busting Project with the Abortion Conversation Project


If you’ve identified stigma as an issue in your community or context, and have an idea for what you can do, this webinar led by inroads members, Peg Johnson and Jeanne Ludlow of the Abortion Conversation Project can help ground your project idea in a shared understanding of how stigma affects us all, explore your project idea and how it addresses stigma, and discuss different ways to evaluate stigma-busting projects.

This video has the record of their interactive session highlighting key steps for planning your stigma-busting project. ACP has been supporting seed grants for stigma-busting projects in the United States and globally, and have offered this content to potential applicants to their own grants. So inroads is so grateful to the ACP crew for teaming up with us to share this session with inroads members and a focus on inroads member needs!

And as a visual guide or conversation refresher, you can also take a look at this beautiful graphic harvest of the talk and discussion:

Illustration of the possible steps to design an anti-stigma project