Past Webinars

BYOQ: inroads Strategic Plan 2021-25

Join this session to learn from inroads staff about our vision, mission, values and strategic goals that are part of inroads’ Strategic Plan 2021-25. This session is a space for open conversation, questions and building alignment between members of our network.

BYOQ- inroads Partnership Fund (iPF) grants 2021

Bring Your Own Questions (BYOQ) to this webinar about the application process for inroads Grants.

We are excited to share more information about the inroads Partnership Fund (iPF) grant opportunities. The application window will open July 22. This year we will have 2 types of grants being administered by the iPF:
Seed Grants ($1,000- $5,000) & Collaboration grants ($20,000- $40,000).

Creative Spaces and Strategies for Narrative Change around Abortion

This Spacious Solidarity Dialogue is between Kristine Chan (PINSAN, Philippines) and Michelle Gallo (EQUIDAD de Genero, Mexico), inroads members who have been working on Shifting the Narrative around Abortions, to normalise conversations about abortions, to create safe spaces to share about abortion journeys and to advocate for a world free of abortion stigma.

Tune in to listen to their journeys, successes and challenges and learnings as they describe their projects including: Abortion Storytelling Circles (online and offline), FOCOS project (to create connections across geographies between people who have abortions), Fanzines, Music Albums, Art & Poetry Workshops, that center the experiences of people who have abortions.

Kristine is a versatile visual artist from the Philippines, working on both digital and traditional mediums. She is the co-founder and president of Filipino Freethinkers (FF), a civil society organization promoting critical thinking, evidence-based legislation, and progressive advocacy, including women’s rights (sexual and reproductive rights, divorce, feminism), LGBT rights, and freedom of expression. 

a person with brown hair in a ponytail, earrings, wearing a black jacket and blue shirt smiles for the camera

Michelle is Projects Officer at Equidad de Género: Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia, a Mexican feminist organization. She is a feminist activist and gender justice advocate with expertise and special interest in countering anti-rights and anti-gender actors via advocacy, narrative change, and practice. She has a MA in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland where her researched focused on the strategies used by feminist and LGBTQI movements and allies to counter “gender ideology” discourse in Latin America. Outside of her activism she is a passionate but unskilled knitter and has recently started making pottery. 

Building Collective Models of Care: Accompanying abortions in times of a Pandemic

Join the conversation grounded in community care and relationship-building, between Daniela Tellez del Valle (DI Ramona, Mexico) and Natalie Broniarczyk (Abortion Dream Team, Poland). The discussants are inroads members who have built collective processes, dream teams and fora to create collective strength for destigmatizing and accompanying abortions in their contexts. They have also experienced and worked creatively to continue doing this work during the COVID19 pandemic. There will be room for participants to ask questions, share and engage. Tune in to listen to their experiences, questions, and dreams and join in the conversation for a stigma-free world!

A person wearing large rimmed spectacles, lipstick and a black top glances at the camera

Daniela is a Mexican, fat-activist, feminist, bisexual, and social psychologist. She has 3 passions in life: being an abortion doula, her wife and her English bulldog. She collaborates in Di RAMONA, where she fights for free sexualities without stigma for a happier and more tender world in Hidalgo, México.  

A person with green/grey eyes and knee length blonde hair, wearing a hoodie that says PRO ABO takes a selfie

Natalie is the co-founder of the Abortion Dream Team and Abortion Without Borders. A Polish feminist activist helping people access abortions in Poland and working towards de-stigmatisation of abortion. Self-managed abortion enthusiast. Researcher at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences (the Sociology and Anthropology of Law) at the University of Warsaw.

Spacious Solidarity Dialogue: Abortion Support and Accompaniment

Join the conversation grounded in community care and relationship-building, between Mickreen Adhiambo (Aunty Jane Hotline, Kenya) and Sara Walsh ( Abortion support worker, Ireland).

The discussants are inroads members who have been accompanying abortions in their contexts be it via managing a hotline, online and in-person accompaniment. There will be room for participants to ask questions, share and engage. Tune in to listen to their experiences, questions, and dreams and join in the conversation for a stigma-free world!

A person wearing gold rimmed spectacles, metallic earrings, a pink tshirt and red hair smiles at the camera

I’m Sara, my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m an Irish woman based in London, UK. My journey in reproductive rights has been based on supporting friends and loved ones in their abortion journeys, seeing first hand the barriers put in place to access abortions in my home country. As a result, I decided that I would always be open and discuss abotion to lessen the stigma.

A person wearing a douk, black rimmed spectacles, beaded earrings, a denim jacket and maroon polo neck smiles for the cqmera

I’m Adhiambo, my pronouns are she/her/hers. Based in Nairobi Kenya. My journey in reproductive rights has been ensuring women and girls in my home country get quality safe abortion information including the legal context and referral mechanisms to enable them make informed reproductive health choices and get quality, confidential and non judgemental safe abortion and post abortion services. By providing the information, this enables me to provide safe and open spaces for conversations and advocacy.

Online Training: Writing Creative and Stigma-Busting Proposals

Register for the upcoming inroads Proposal Writing Online Training for inroads members, focused on skill-sharing and sustainability of community-care work. 

A graphic of a woman sitting at a laptop table, the text bubble coming out of the flower vase reads invites people to Register Now for an Online Training on Writing Creative and Stigma Busting Proposals

This training is for members who do not usually have any professional support to ideate, advise and reflect on their practices of proposal writing. In this training, participants will 1) discuss tendencies in philanthropy and donor-support in their regions 2) understand what it takes to find the right donor for their work 3) do a practical activity together of reading a successful proposal and possibly writing one together (that articulates in a values-centred way, describes engagingly the nuances of their abortion stigma-busting work, and creates a creative proposal). 4) There will also be space to build community around the frustration of presenting many proposals, the struggles of finding sustainable funding and other emerging areas of need. 

a black woman with long golden braids and beads, wearing a floral blouse shares a beaming smile against a patterned wall mural

Xiomara Carballo Briceño is an Afro- Costa Rican feminist, Human Rights activist, sexual and reproductive rights advocate, with more than 12 years of experience in transformative processes for social justice, through participatory methodologies, collective education, innovative activism, political advocacy, conscious leadership, strategic planning for social development and movement building, intercultural- intersectional approaches, trust and collective care based philanthropy with cooperation agencies and grassroots organizations and human right defenders across Latin America, Africa and Asia. She loves to consciously engage in, and create safe spaces for critical thinking, revolutionary work, radical healing, and continuous joy and laughter.

Spacious Solidarity Dialogue Narrative Change: Sharing our abortion stories as healing with Omodele Ibitoye and Maja Dimitrijevic

Join the conversation grounded in the values of mutual learning and relationship-building, between Omodele Ibitoye Ejeh (Initiative to Resist Institutional Slavery and Exploitation (iRISE), Nigeria) and Maja Dimitrijevic (Serbian Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Serbia). The discussants are inroads members who have been working in refugee contexts providing psychosocial counselling and using arts based methods such as theatre and voice to create a space for people to narrate their abortion stories. There will be room for participants to ask questions, share and engage. Tune in to listen to their experiences, questions, and dreams and join in the conversation for a stigma-free world!

A person is wearing long braids, a red tshirt and denim jacket

Omodele, is an activist , a counselling teacher with about 19 years of counselling experience. Omodele is the coordinator of One Billion Rising in Nigeria, she is the Founder of Initiative to Resist Institutional Slavery and Exploitation (IRISE), an organization that focuses on women’s sexual rights , reproductive health including women’s rights to safe abortion ,gender based violence. Through counselling her work has been able to help girls and women in rural, urban and crises areas tell their abortion stories for the purpose of emotional healing.

a close-up photo of a person with spectacles, short brunette hair and small hoop earrings

Maja works as a Program Assistant with organizational, program, and fieldwork focus at the Serbian Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health ( an IPPF member). She has been involved for 10 years in different types of work and activities related to human, women rights and gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and now with the focus on sexual and reproductive rights. Giving the experience she provided psychosocial and educational session support for vulnerable groups on which work she is very proud.

Spacious Solidarity Dialogue: Despenalización del aborto y el Cuidado comunitario

Las invitamos a un ‘Spacious Solidarity Dialogue’, basado en el valor de aprendizaje mutuo , entre Genesis Luigi (Venezuela), Regina Fonseca (Honduras) y Sara García Gross (El Salvador).

Los comentaristas son miembros de Inroads que han estado involucrados en la lucha por la despenalización del aborto en América Latina. Van a dialogar sobre el cuidado comunitario y los aprendizajes feministas desde varios anos trabajando por el cambio legal y contra el estigma al aborto.

¡Sintonice para escuchar sus experiencias, preguntas y sueños y únase a la conversación por un mundo libre de estigmas! Habrá espacio para que los participantes hagan preguntas, compartan e interactúen.

(Note: While the session is in Spanish, we are arranging interpretation into English.)

a person wearing a grey tshirt that has an image of a green bandana that reads "abortista", smiles.

Génesis es una psicóloga conductual y social venezolana. Como mujer migrante y activista feminista, se especializa en derechos sexuales y reproductivos y en justicia reproductiva. Génesis forma parte de la junta directiva del fondo de aborto por el aborto seguro. Actualmente está cursando un máster en Antropología Médica en el Graduate Institute de Ginebra e investigando sobre abortos autogestionados. Le encanta pasar el tiempo con su gata Gama, correr y comer café con pan.

a person wearing a red hair band and a brightly embroidered blouse and necklace stands in front of some cherry-blossom trees.

Sara García, Activista feminista. Psicóloga y máster en Derechos Humanos y democratización para América Latina y el Caribe, Integrante de la Agrupación Ciudadana por la despenalización del aborto en El Salvador.

a person wearing a white shirt and pastel coloured scarf looks at the camera

Regina Fonseca, feminista hondureña, psicologa de profesión, con maestría en población y desarrollo, de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras y postgrado en estudios de la Mujer de la Universidad Rafael Landivar de Guatemala. Integrante del Centro de Derechos de Mujeres.

Spacious Solidarity Dialogue: Reimagining Legal Change in Abortion

Join the conversation grounded in the values of mutual learning and community care, between Jasmine Lovely George (Hidden Pockets, India) and Rose Wakikona (CEHURD, Uganda). The discussants are inroads members who have been boldly busting abortion stigma through their work of legal support and research around the abortion law, particularly working on access to services and information for young people. There will be room for participants to ask questions, share and engage. Tune in to listen to their experiences, questions, and dreams and join in the conversation for a stigma-free world!

a person with curly black hair is wearing a colourful yellow floral embroidered shirt and smiling

Jasmine is a Lawyer, a TEDx speaker,  is also founder of Hidden Pockets Collective, a non profit organization  for sexual and reproductive services for young people in India.  She is an award -winning researcher who has been part of movement building nationally and transnationally. Post covid, she has interest in conversations around alternative ways to talk about gender, technology and justice.   

a person wearing their hair up, in a pink tshirt and black skirt stands in the middle of a work space

Rose is a lawyer with experience working in public interest litigation and Human Rights in and out of the courtroom. She specializes in SRHR and works to ensure that only progressive laws and policies on SRHR are passed and implemented in Uganda. She currently works with the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) as a Senior Program Officer in the Strategic Litigation program.She is also a part of the Legal Support Network which is a dedicated group of lawyers providing legal support to health workers providing safe abortion services in Uganda. She loves to read, talk and engage in somewhat polite debate.  

Spacious Solidarity Dialogue: Decriminalisation: Legal Change and Reimaginations

Join the conversation grounded in the values of mutual learning and community care, between Na Young (SHARE, South Korea) and Sulaiporn Chonwilai (Tamtang, Thailand). The discussants are inroads members who have been boldly busting abortion stigma in Legal Change. They are part of movements and collectives working for abortion law change with a focus on reproductive justice, stigma-busting and inclusiveness for HIV positive and LGBTQ community. There will be room for participants to ask questions, share and engage. Tune in to listen to their experiences, questions, and dreams and join in the conversation for a stigma-free world!

A person wearing spectacles and short black hair peers at the camera alongside their grey-black cat.

Sulaiporn or Noom is a lesbian feminist researcher, a HIV/AIDS and SRH rights activist  and a member of Tamtang Group in Thailand. “Tamtang” means “to construct the way” which has same spelling as the  word “Abortion” in Thai but different pronunciation. Noom has been involved with Thai LGBTIQ network since 1999, active in Women and HIV/AIDS issue since 2004 and joined Tamtang group since it started in 2010. She is also a consultant for Thai Positive Women Foundation and one of a Thailand’s Sexuality Studies Association committee. Her recent book and research are Sexuality in Siam : History of LGBTIQ in Thailand published in 2017  and  A Tamtang’s  Research for Abolish Section 301 Decriminalizing Women Who Had Abortion. 

A person wearing spectacles and short brown hair with bangs, stares into the camera. In the background is a bookshelf and a handmade drawing with the acronym SHARE.

Na Young is an activist of South Korea. She is a co-founder of the ‘SHARE, center for Sexual RigHts And Reproductive JusticE’ and a co-chair of the ‘Joint Action for Reproductive Justice’. She has been working for the decriminalization of abortion since 2010 when the abortion issue has emerged as a social agenda in South Korea.