Apply for travel support

Inroads members are welcome to apply to this small, rollingtravel support fund. The goals of this fund are to

  1. Center abortion stigma in the wider SRHR and Abortion movement
  2. Showcase the work and values of members, the network in abortion, social justice, philanthropic settings
  3. Connect members and colleagues to each other and resources that will help them end stigma
  4. Support the dissemination of new and ongoing research on abortion stigma
  5. Expose inroads members to new tools or resources that will allow them to better bust stigma in their region or sector.

Because it is a limited and rolling fund, we prioritize applications that propose to bring greater understanding of stigma and its effects on our movement to abortion-focused conferences or to bring abortion and stigma focused content and ideas to conferences where abortion is a possible but stigmatized topic.

Requests are considered on a weekly basis, so please allow for one to two weeks turnaround time and expect to hear back within a week or two of submitting your request. We may not be able to accommodate otherwise competitive last minute requests.

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Passport status:

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Event dates

Please allow three months for any international travel requests. This is required so that review, decisions, agreements, and funding transfers may be possible. If you are applying for international travel that is sooner that three months from when you submit this form, we may not be able to arrange for funding transfer in advance of the travel dates.

What do you plan to share back with inroads members after this event?

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Level of support

inroads has limited funding to support the membership to attend events. Please be specific about what you need funded in order to attend your event.

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