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2022 Seed Grants: Additional guidance, tips, and FAQ

This page offers additional information to support applications for our 2022 Seed Grants. Please make sure to read the main Seed Grants page first to learn about our timeline, eligibility criteria, and application process.

Guidance about what inroads funds

While inroads would like to support all of our members, with a network of almost 2000 individual members, all grant windows are competitive. We offer these core principles and guidelines so that applicants better understand what inroads can support.

The inroads team is interested in funding groups, organizations, and collectives that:

  • Are grassroots groups that are usually excluded from funding resources and facing multiple injustices, especially: the community with disabilities, LGBTQIA2S+ community, and Indigenous and other racialized communities.
  • Apply an intersectional approach to understanding stigma and recognize or aim to mitigate or transform inequalities and power relations that affect people’s ability to provide or access abortion
  • Interrupt or dismantle rigid binaries that reduce the effectiveness and power of our movement (e.g. safe v. unsafe, man v. woman, legal v. illegal, etc.)
  • Engage with a new community, group, partner, or issue for the network or break new ground in engaging with and/or partnering with at-risk or historically marginalized groups.
  • Explore work that is aligned with inroads core values and strategic goals.
  • Registered and unregistered groups – abortion work in each context requires different strategies, and many groups work without registrations as a protection mechanism.

inroads will not fund applications that

  • Are vague and lacking in specific detail about how they address abortion stigma directly
  • Do not directly address abortion stigma, for instance, proposals for policy change, advocacy, decriminalization, community awareness, health systems, or other interventions that are not explicit about how they will address stigma
  • Shame or marginalize individuals, groups, or methods as a strategy. For example, shaming or marginalizing individuals who use so-called “traditional” or herbal methods for abortion in an attempt to promote safe methods of abortion are not appropriate projects for this fund.
  • Include only awareness-raising, sensitization, or value clarification activities without a clear follow-up strategy.
  • Are not realistic or feasible within the time frame and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the form to apply for Seed Grants?
You can find all of the information you need on the inroads website. On the Seed Grants information page, you can find all of the information about eligibility, how to apply, and a downloadable template that you can use to prepare your application. Once you are ready to apply, click on the “Apply Here” button at the bottom of the page. There are buttons for you to apply in English, in Spanish, and in French
Can individuals apply for seed grants?
The current round of grants is designed for reproductive justice grassroots groups. However, some groups have an agreement with an individual authorized to receive and manage funds on the group’s behalf. If that is the case, inroads will require a letter detailing the authorization to receive funds. Individuals who received grant funds on behalf of a group or collective may be subject to taxes or other local requirements.
Can organizations that are not registered apply for funding?
Many grassroots groups are not registered, and are eligible for seed grant funding. Inroads will work with awardees who have an organizational bank account, a fiscal sponsor, or an authorized individual to receive funds. Groups do not need to be registered to apply for funding.
What is fiscal sponsorship
Fiscal sponsorship is a contractual agreement that allows a tax-exempt organization with a registered bank account, to receive funds and perform other administrative duties on behalf of another organization.
If I’ve just joined inroads, can I apply for Seed Grants?
If you were not a member of inroads before the current application window opened, then you are not eligible to apply for the current round of Seed Grants. If you are a brand new member, or are just now hearing about inroads, we encourage you to join, interact with other members, and participate in inroads spaces and events. We anticipate future funding opportunities for members!
How can I tell if I’m an inroads member?
If you applied to be a member and got an email to confirm your membership, then you are an inroads member. If you are still not sure, write to to confirm your membership status. All members should have received an invitation to activate their profile on the inroads Community Workspace. If you cannot find yours, please contact
Do I need to use some stigma indicators?
Inroads does not require specific stigma indicators to receive funding. We do expect that applicants will have some way to monitor their progress and assess their work. If an inroads member is interested in specifically measuring stigma, then consider this collection of stigma measurement resources.
Will intersectionality with related and aggravating issues be considered?
Yes, we will consider proposals with other related areas of intersecting and compounding stigma. Applicants that center the leadership and experiences of people who hold intersecting and marginalized identities and experiences are preferred.
What costs does the grant cover? Does it cover staff and organizational costs as well?
All costs directly associated with implementing such projects will be covered under these grants. These can include staff time, contractor fees and reasonable overhead costs.
Do you fund existing models or new proposals only?
The Seed grants will fund new proposals. Seed grants are not designed as an ongoing funding source, rather they are designed to support inroads members with new ideas and approaches.
What's the project duration?
The project duration is 1 year for the seed grants.
What is the project expected start date?
The project start date will be the day of receipt of funds.
Will you consider interventions on the basis of country context?
Yes. Country context will be taken into consideration when reviewing the proposed projects.
Where can I find all details, eligibility criteria and core purposes of this year Seed Grants?
Please find that information in the main page of the 2022 Seed Grants.

All submissions must be done through our online application form available at the end of the 2022 Seed Grants page here.


The International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma (inroads) was launched in 2014 to provide needed and critical community space for those working on abortion stigma-busting efforts. We envision a world where abortion care is centered around the needs of those who have them. Where stigma, fear, and misinformation about abortion can be eradicated through collective culture change to eliminate abortion stigma. We are creating a future where we have the tools to transform systemic, legal, medical, and interpersonal levels of stigma by funding movements and strengthening connections within the global community of abortion advocates, artists, scholars, activists, journalists, community workers, and providers.

As the only global network focused on abortion stigma, we firmly believe and are deeply committed to supporting the transformational power of our diverse community leading vital work to create a world free of abortion stigma. After all, real change only manifests through our collective brilliance and power. Learn more about our mission, vision, values, and approaches here.