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Request for Proposals: 2016-2018 inroads Partnership Fund Grants

Publicado 19 July 2016 12:00 AM por The inroads Team

The inroads team is delighted to announce our second round of inroads Partnership Fund grants to run from 2016 to 2018. Applications are due September 8th and will be reviewed by a panel of inroads members in addition to inroads staff and steering committee. 

The inroads Partnership Fund (iPF) is designed to further collective learning and action to understand and reduce abortion stigma by funding and supporting local organizations in the design, implementation, and evaluation of strategies to understand and shift how abortion stigma affects people socially, physically, and emotionally. Inroads supports customized capacity strengthening of grantees and aims to contribute to the development of a global movement around abortion stigma through the iPF; detailed background information is available in the full Request for Proposal.  

Successful grant applicants will seek to further understand or reduce abortion-related stigma and discrimination.  Applicants may choose to:

  • Generate evidence about the various causes, consequences, and manifestations of abortion stigma across one or more of the levels of abortion stigma illustrated in the figure below. Evidence can include qualitative and quantitative data, testimonies, and community narratives.
  • Pilot innovative strategies for defining, reducing, and mitigating stigma that operates in one or more of the levels of abortion stigma.

Learning Agenda for Abortion Stigma

In order to foster global dialogue and partnerships across organizations working on stigma, the Partnership Fund provides a select number of community-based organizations or collaborations with comprehensive start-up support for strategies to further collective learning to reduce abortion stigma. This includes:

  • 16 month grants that range in size from $10,000 to $25,000 (November 2016 – March 2018)
  • Tailored technical and strategic support (content input, documentation, monitoring and evaluation support, ability to share strategies with inroads experts and through inroads fora, etc.)
  • Capacity-strengthening and skills-building through regional and/or south-south networking and global information exchange


Project period

Maximum duration of 16 months. Earliest start date is November 15, 2016, and the latest conclusion date is March 30th, 2016.

Funds available

The inroads Partnership Fund Grants can fund work up to a maximum of USD $25,000. There is a total pool of $150,000 available to measure stigma or develop stigma measurement and innovations in 2016. We expect to fund 6-10 projects, ranging in budget from USD $10,000 to $25,000 for up to 16 months.


The iPF will support ideas and projects that are innovative and bold approaches to challenging stigma and are aligned with one or more of the questions in the learning agenda for abortion (illustrated in the image above).

Only inroads member organizations and collaborations are eligible to apply for inroads Partnership funds. The lead applicant must be locally registered and have a bank account or fiscal sponsor who is authorized to receive wire transfers. The review committee will prioritize applicants who do not already have sustained funding to support stigma reduction efforts. Applicants who already have funding to support stigma efforts must demonstrate how the innovative strategies they propose will allow them to build on existing activities and/or to try new modalities or methods. While written materials must be submitted in English, the review committee will prioritize the relevance and feasibility of the approach being proposed over the writing quality.

Inroads is also committed to encouraging and supporting collaborations among members. We encourage members to consider partnering with one another for this effort. If you’d like to know who other members are, simply log into the inroads Collaboration Workspace, and click on “Members.”

  • Eligibility criteria at a glance. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility by inroads staff. Eligible applications will be reviewed by a review panel comprised of other inroads members.
  • Applicant must be a current member of inroads, or have other individuals at the same organization who are members of inroads. Individuals and organizations who join after July 19, 2016 are not eligible for this opportunity.
  • Lead applicant must be a locally registered community-based organization (CBO), non-governmental organization (NGO), coalition or network.
  • Applicants must have a bank account that can receive wire transfers, or must have a fiscal sponsor authorized to receive wire transfers.
  • Application must propose an approach to *measure* or *reduce* abortion stigma.
  • If applicant has received other funding to support efforts to measure or reduce abortion stigma, application clearly demonstrates how this project would build on, innovate, or improve efforts already supported.
  • Application form submitted with completed proposal uploaded by September 8th at 11:59pm US EDT/ GMT-4.

We are currently only able to accept applications submitted in English. We do not yet have the systems in place to consistently and fairly review Spanish or French applications or to provide project support. We are in the process of increasing those resources and staffing in a way that will allow us to consider Spanish and French applications in future rounds of grants. Stay tuned for our pilot of the new processes with our upcoming Seed Grants.


Review Criteria

The inroads Partnership Fund will support ideas and projects that are bold and inspiring approaches to understanding or challenging stigma. We encourage applicants to align their proposed approaches with one or more of the questions in the learning agenda for abortion stigma (Table 1), or with another theory of change.

We also encourage inroads members to partner and collaborate on an application. Applicants who already have funding to support stigma efforts must demonstrate how the innovative strategies build on, innovate, or improve existing activities. While written materials must be submitted in English, the review committee will prioritize the relevance and feasibility of the approach being proposed over the writing quality. For further information on the review process and the full, detailed list of review criteria, download the full RFP.

Application Process

Applicants may complete a brief application form and upload a proposal and relevant documents on this page:

For application support and Q & A: on July 26, inroads will host a webinar to provide potential applicants with background information about the application and review process.


Request for proposals initiated by email and distribution list.

July 19, 2016

Webinar for inroads members and potential applicants

July 26, 2016

Applications due at

September 8, 2016

Application review process

September 9 – October 25, 2016

Award notifications

October 25, 2016

Grant agreement negotiations

October 25 – November 4, 2016

Financial disbursements

November 7 – 11, 2016

Earliest project start-up date

November 15, 2016

Inroads staff and grantees work together to develop TA plan and final work plans

November 15 – December 15, 2016

Approximate mid-grant report submission deadline

June 30, 2017

Inroads Partnership Fund grantee in-person meeting

May – June, 2017

Latest project conclusion date

March 30, 2018

Draft final report submission deadline

April 15, 2018

Q&A exchange and submission of final report

April 30, 2018


A full description of reporting, sharing, and project dissemination processes is available in the Full Request for Proposal.

To apply, please follow the instructions to download the proposal template and fill out your online application form here. We look forward to making inroads on abortion stigma with you!


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