Measuring Abortion Stigma

This collection includes articles, blog posts, and other resources highlighting the tools available to measure abortion stigma. Are you curious about SABAS, ILAS, CLASS, or APSS? Learn more here! Other stigma scales (such as scales to measure HIV stigma or mental illness stigma) are included in the larger inroads Resources & Tools library, while this collection includes articles and blog posts about methods for measuring abortion stigma, specifically. Inroads members have access to draft scales and tools for qualitative data collection within the inroads collaboration workspace. If you need support accessing the full text of any of the articles listed here, please contact

Norms and stigma regarding pregnancy decisions during an unintended pregnancy: Development and predictors of scales among young women in the U.S. South

Authors developed an analyzed multi-dimensional measures of norms and stigmas around all pregnancy decisions in the U.S. South.


Development and Validation of a Scale to Measure Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Stigma: Results From Young Women in Ghana

Study presents a valid, reliable instrument for assessing SRH stigma and its impact on family planning, the Adolescent SRH Stigma Scale can inform and evaluate interventions to reduce/manage stigma and foster resilience among young women in Africa and beyond.


Situating stigma in stratified reproduction: Abortion stigma and miscarriage stigma as barriers to reproductive healthcare

Study explores how race and reported history of abortion are associated with abortion stigma and miscarriage stigma


So you want to adapt a scale to measure abortion stigma?

Blog post highlights steps for identifying, adapting and implementing scales to measure abortion stigma.


Constructing a validated scale to measure community-level abortion stigma in Mexico

This article documents the creation of a community-level abortion stigma scale, developed and tested in Mexico.


Developing a scale to measure stigmatizing attitudes and beliefs about women who have abortions: Results from Ghana and Zambia

Article describing the development of the Stigmatizing Attitudes, Beliefs, and Actions Scale grounded in qualitative research in Ghana and Zambia


Measuring stigma among abortion providers: Assessing the abortion provider stigma survey instrument

Article exploring psychometric properties of a scale to measure stigma experienced by abortion providers.


Addressing abortion stigma through service delivery: A white paper

This white paper defines abortion stigma, discusses how to measure stigma and presents an overview of interventions to address stigma


Stigma of having an abortion: Development of a scale and characteristics of women experiencing abortion stigma

Article describing the development of a scale to measure individual-level abortion stigma. Includes an analysis of the characteristics of women who report abortion stigma.

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