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    Abortion stigma and young people – let’s talk about it

    Posted September, 07, 2016 by Ana Aguilera, Youth Strategist at Ipas, and Richard Dzikunu, Chairperson of the Ipas Ghana Youth Advisory Board

    Youth advocates, Ana Aguilera and Richard Dzikunu remind us why youth-centered and led abortion stigma work is necessary to making significant progress in the movement against abortion stigma.  What are you doing to center and train youth leaders?

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    Engendering progressive discourse on abortion through media collaborations

    Posted August, 08, 2016 by Surabhi Srivastava

    BuzzFeed India and CREA's collaboration is paving the way for mainstream discourse on abortion by leveraging the power of India's new media revolution. Read more about how their process, challenges, and successes are widening space for critical public discourse on abortion to take place. 

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    In combating abortion stigma, finding the most responsible—and effective—tools

    Posted April, 13, 2016 by JoAnn DiLernia, Program Learning Officer, Planned Parenthood Global

    Planned Parenthood Global discusses their efforts to combat abortion stigma through collaboration and research on community based provision of medical abortion in Latin America.

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