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The inroads Team is Growing! Introducing Our New Communications Team

Posted 1 January 2019 12:00 AM by The inroads Team

Since the network launch in 2013 and the opening of membership in 2014, the International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Stigma and Discrimination has changed a lot. The initial idea began in a place of collective imagining among a group of scholars, policy makers, providers, and advocates from 6 continents and 11 countries moving together to make global action.

In the first year of open membership, the network was fewer than 400 members and had a staff of two with the support of Ipas as inroads’ host organization and the revolving Steering Committee. Since the early days, inroads members have been building and convening to make global action towards ending abortion stigma in our communities and across the globe. After 5 years, over 10 member gatherings, and endless exciting stigma busting, the network is now over 1,200 members strong from over 86 countries. After several months of reflection and organization, the long-standing inroads staff took on new roles: Katie Gillum as Executive Director, Kati LeTourneau as Research and Operations Director, (read more about this process in their examination of the transition) The two directors are also looking forward to a larger and incredibly committed Steering Committee to guide the network during this time.

After struggling to keep on the executive and operational work of inroads moving while maintaining the robust communications mechanisms that keep inroads members informed about changes and keep the world informed about inroads members’ amazing progress, values, and work, Katie and Kati worked hard to find the time and space to hire some folks to be the first line of communication and dialogue with members. Katie Gillum managed the process and with the help of inroads Steering Committee and Kati LeTourneau and Kyle Goetschius were collectively blown away by the excitement, experience, and engagement of the many applicants for the role.

As a staff and steering committee, we wanted someone who could understand not only the nuances of abortion stigma and the ways we work to end it, but also had the skills to work in many different platforms and modalities to communicate with and engage members where you already working and sharing. We as a whole community of inroads members can be satisfied that there are many amazing communicators amongst us, and be confident in the knowledge that our two new staff members will help advance the commitment to a future of growth and sustainability. With that, inroads team is happy to announce our new Program and Communications Specialists to the inroads team: Aditi Pinto and Paige Fulton

Aditi Pinto

Aditi Pinto 

Aditi is one half of the inroads Program and Communications duo. She is energetic and committed about written and oral storytelling, agricultural and environmental histories, social justice and feminist movements, traditional knowledge sharing especially arts & music exchange. She grew up in Mumbai, India, but in the last decade has spent several years living in North & South America and currently lives in rural India. She has experience working with La Via Campesina rural social movement and Jagori-Grameen feminist organization. For any communication in Spanish, Hindi, basic isiXhosa and any language with similar roots to those mentioned, feel free to reach out to Aditi.

Paige Fulton

Paige Fulton 

Paige is the other half of the Program and Communications duo at inroads. Originally from the southern United States, she has been a collective member, fundraiser, and facilitator for the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project, Virginia's only full-spectrum abortion fund that supports leadership of color. Paige approaches busting abortion stigma from a reproductive justice framework, valuing intersectionality, racial justice, grassroots organizing, creativity, self-determination, and reproductive health for all genders. Reach out to Paige if you want to talk about your art, your dreams of collective liberation, and your strategies for ending abortion stigma in your community. She is currently based in Mexico City and is happy to interact in Spanish as well.

Katie Gillum is excited about the Paige and Aditi’s many varied experiences and backgrounds but shared commitments: “With really different and complementary qualities: Aditi coming from a journalism and community engagement background and Paige bringing her experience in social media and collective mobilization and organizing, I am so excited about how they can use different practical strategies to get at the shared interest and curiosity that made them such exciting candidates for this role. They both care deeply about the people who do the work of busting stigma and advocating for a more just world; they are committed to the narratives, stories, and identities and those affect and, in many ways, effect and bring into being the work and activism of network members. This care and enthusiasm for member experiences, expertise, and leadership are central to inroads values and practices, so we’re really excited to have Paige and Aditi bring their new energy and ideas to continue this work!”

That shared commitment is clear in how Aditi and Paige have started and share their plans as well: “We are excited to continue to grow our community of practice and amplify the voices of inroads members in a way that can showcase the unique and culturally specific ways that abortion stigma shows up in our lives. Your stories are important to us -- let us know in the comments what stories you want to tell, what stories you’re tired of telling, and how you think that our individual stories can come together to build a stronger international network for ending abortion sigma across the globe.”


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