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inroads Partnership Fund 2017-2018 Grantees

Posted 27 November 2017 12:00 AM by Katie Gillum

The inroads Partnership Fund was designed to support inroads members to pursue research, evaluation, interventions, arts, and activities focused on understanding and ending abortion stigma. We are excited to share our great fortune to be able to support six Partnership grantees and twenty-three Seed grantees around the globe in the 2017-2018 cohorts.

 2017-2018 inroads Partnership Fund Grantees Map

Partnership Fund grants are designed to generate evidence about the various causes, consequences, and manifestations of abortion stigma and/or pilot innovative strategies for defining, reducing, and mitigating stigma. The 2017-2018 grantees hail from Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Nigeria, and a collective of members from the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, the United States, and Brazil.

·  Equidad de Género: Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia, A.C. (Mexico). Conduct a process and outcome evaluation of The Story Circle Project, an intervention to reduce individual level abortion stigma.

  • Sempreviva Organização Feminista (Brazil). Reduce abortion stigma among lawyers and jurists who are advocating for rights, as well as among women who live in poor neighborhoods by building a networked alliance with collective reflection and action.
  • Tamtang Group (Thailand). Create a movement of women and allies within Thailand working to generate positive messages for different allied groups, and to produce shareable creative media to fight abortion stigma.
  • VietHealth (Vietnam): Pilot and test the feasibility of a a web-based post- abortion peer counseling services that is informed by findings from formative research conducted with an inroads Partnership Fund Grant in 2015-2016.
  • Women Friendly Initiative (Nigeria). Develop and pilot a radio-drama series to reduce abortion-related stigma among young undergraduates in the University of Benin, Nigeria.
  • Women Help Women (The Netherlands), in partnership with Ibis Reproductive Health (The United States), Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network (Nigeria), Kobiety w Sieci (Poland), and WHW Help Desk in Brazil. Improve the quality of care for women seeking advice and services from helplines on medical abortion in restrictive settings.


Seed grants are designed to help members finalize existing work into shareable tools, translations of resources and tools, or to implement arts-based interventions. Seed grants are shorter in scope (about 6 months) and are designed to help inroads members share their work in their communities and with other inroads members. As these members finalize their seed grant supported work, stay tuned for resources to be shared on Making inroads and on the inroads Collaboration Workspace listserv!


  • Vision in Action Cameroon: “Breaking the silence”
  • Community and Family Aid Foundation, Ghana: “Abortion 360”
  • APPLE Projects, Ghana: “Community Depiction of Abortion Stigma in Ghana”
  • Passion for Women and Children, Malawi: “Our Bodies Our Rights”
  • Vision Spring Initiatives,                Nigeria: “Demystifying abortion through talent competition (art collection and exhibition)”
  • Governance Links Tanzania: “Participatory innovations for empowering low-income urban girls in abortion stigma busting”
  • Medical Students for Choice Mbarara University, Uganda: “YouthReachOut”
  • Sisters Taking Charge, Zambia: “Abortion is a Human Right, Let us talk about it!”
  • Changed Women Project, Zambia: “Training of 15 Volunteers in Reproductive Health (Abortion Stigma)”


  • SERAC-Bangladesh: “Bursting Stigma to Ensure Access to Safe Menstrual Regulation for Youth”
  • Voice Your Abortion, India: “Reproductive Justice Hour: Podcasting our way to smash abortion stigma”
  • Love Matters India: “Using VR (virtual reality) technology to address abortion stigma”
  • Beyond Beijing Committee, Nepal: “Community Health Education Session (CHES)-Manual Development”


  • Doctors for Choice Ireland: “Winning hearts and minds in the medical profession - values clarification workshop development”
  • YouAct, Europe: “Abortion Toolkit 2.0 - addressing abortion stigma from a youth perspective”

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Cómo Hacerse Un Aborto.Com, Argentina: “Cómo hacerse un aborto en guaraní”
  • Lésbicas e Feministas pelo Direito à Informação Brazil: “Útero Livre - a latin american feminist zine”
  • SURKUNA, Ecuador: “Herramienta de trabajo en estigma de aborto para abogadas y abogados defensores de mujeres criminalizadas en Ecuador”
  • Fondo de Aborto para la Justicia Social MARIA, México: “Strategic communication publication to talk proudly about abortion without stigma”
  • Centro Las Libres, México: “Aborto: "Aqui te cuento"

North America

  • The Abortion Diary, United States: “The Abortion Diary”
  • Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective, United States: “Developing Training for Stigma-Reducing Support Line: Effective Workshops for Improving Logistical and Emotional Support of Abortion Patients in Areas with Significant Barriers to Access”
  • University at Buffalo, in partnership with National Network of Abortion Funds, United States: “A trauma-informed practice framework for impacting abortion stigma”



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    Hi We are a youth organization specializing in the human rights and reproductive health of young people. Based in Eastern DR Congo and Burundi. We want to work with you to achieve some of our goals Gratitude Gabriel NGABE Coordinator

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