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Request For Proposals: inroads Network Evaluation

Posted 4 December 2015 12:00 AM by the inroads Team

Do you have experience in network evaluation, an interest in ending abortion stigma, and the ability to start on January 15th? If so, the International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma (inroads) invites you to submit a proposal for evaluation of the first two years of inroads network activity.

Inroads is a global network of advocates, scholars, health providers, and donors with the goal of shifting the global conversation on abortion. With a collaborative community of practice of engaged partners, inroads is working to build the knowledge base around abortion stigma and to share research findings, tools, and strategies to advance the global understanding of abortion stigma. The idea for a global network to address abortion stigma was conceived in June 2013 at an international meeting of global scholars and experts convened to refine a conceptual framework for abortion stigma and to set a learning agenda to guide research and programmatic priorities. Ipas solicited funding to launch and host the network and conducted a background assessment to inform the network structure. The network launched publicly in April 2014 and is currently comprised of more than 370 individual members representing more than 230 organizations across 54 countries.


Inroads is interested in assessing strengths of and areas of improvement for the network’s secretariat and community of practice, including how we can effectively nurture and engage members to understand, mitigate, and challenge abortion stigma.

The purpose of this project is to evaluate inroads as a network and as a community of practice based on a document review, a review of interaction and engagement on the inroads Collaboration Workspace, interviews with Steering Committee members and members, and a survey of members. The project evaluator will make recommendations to inroads staff and Steering Committee about the network’s connectivity, health,[1] and results in order to inform future engagement activities and strategic planning.


The evaluation design should include a combination of interviews, surveys, and document reviews. The scope of work will include:

  1. Experience gathering
    • Review inroads documents, including the 2014-2016 strategic plan, findings from the 2014 background assessment, reports and evaluation findings from inroads engagements and contributions to the inroads collaboration workspace.
    • Solicit and analyze responses from inroads members via an electronic survey with input on survey design from inroads staff.
    • Conduct in-depth interviews with selected inroads members (inroads staff will work with evaluation consultant to select criteria for member selection) in order to learn about their experiences and engagement with inroads.
    • Conduct in-depth interviews with inroads Steering Committee representatives to learn about their experiences serving on the Steering Committee.
  2. Analyze and summarize lessons learned and recommendations
    • Produce a final report which must include an executive summary and: 1) introduction and purpose, 2) methodology used for conducting the evaluation, 3) key findings, 4) recommendations for inroads in terms of network health, network connectivity, and network results; and 5) bibliography and data from interviews as appendices.
    • Present findings through an online (GoToMeeting) presentation to relevant inroads staff and Steering Committee.   

Inroads staff and Ipas’s library resources will be available to the consultant. Additional background information and key questions to answer will be shared with the consultant prior to the start of their work on the project. An inroads staff person will oversee the consultant and provide further guidance, review drafts, and other items as needed.


  1. Evaluation of inroads
    • Conduct evaluation of inroads based on the above scope of work. The consultant will submit a final evaluation report, including all accompanying research findings as an appendix.


The evaluation is expected to start on January 15 with evaluation design, data collection and document review, analysis, draft and final reports completed by April 15, 2016.

The consultant will be chosen through a bid process. The expected number of days for this project is ten working days. Please submit the following to info@endabortionstigma.org no later than December 23, 2016:

  • A letter of interest including a preliminary evaluation approach
  • Your CV
  • A sample work product such as a final report
  • Your flat rate or daily rate for the job
  • One or two references

A candidate will be selected and notified by January 11, 2016.

[1] We anticipate that an evaluation approach will be grounded in an understanding of network evaluation. For background reference, see http://www.networkimpact.org/the-state-of-network-evaluation-a-guide/


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