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Abortion Stigma and Restrictive Laws and Policies

Posted 2 April 2015 12:00 AM by inroads

Across the globe, countries are increasingly liberalizing their abortion laws and recognizing that restrictive abortion laws and policies and the denial of access to safe and legal abortion services violate women's human rights. Nevertheless, nearly 40% of the world's population lives in countries with restrictive abortion laws, which prohibit abortion altogether or only permit it if a woman's life or health is at risk or in cases of rape, incest or fetal impairment. These restrictive abortion laws and policies intensely stigmatize abortion.

The Center for Reproductive Rights presented on their work in documenting and advocating against restrictive abortion laws and their harmful impact intensifying the stigma attached to abortion services. In particular, it discuss the Center's work in Ireland, where the stigma surrounding abortion is so strong, health care providers feel unable to even discuss the legality of traveling to the UK for abortion services and in the Philippines, where the stigma resulting from the criminal ban on abortion has stifled efforts to generate a public discussion about the devastating impact of the ban on women's health and encourage health service providers and government officials to address an longstanding public health crisis and human rights violation.



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