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Community Workers. Healthcare Providers. Researchers. Advocates. Donors. Activists.

From over 55 countries and 230 organizations, inroads members are attending meetings, sharing their work in inroads member spotlights, implementing inroads Partnership Fund-supported projects , discussing and collaborating on the inroads Collaboration Workspace.

With every new event and stigma intervention, new members join and start making inroads on stigma in important and vibrant ways


The network staff convene the network activities and support members to make inroads on abortion stigma. Working from North Carolina, the staff travel globally and collaborate remotely to engage with inroads’ diverse and dispersed membership.

Kati LeTourneau
Research and Operations Director

Kati is the inroads Research and Operations Director. She is a public health social worker with a background in reproductive health program evaluation and research, with a focus on translating evidence into practice. Kati provided training and technical assistance to abortion-providing clinics for Planned Parenthood at the time that medical abortion was being rolled out across the United States. She has also worked on evaluation and training for research and program delivery on adolescent and reproductive health. For inroads, Kati manages the governance and systems behind the scenes with a goal of making it easy for inroads members to get access to up-to-date research and practice around abortion stigma. Kati is also speaks and writes in Spanish. If you have questions about using the inroads community portal, finding the up-to-date literature, searching the resource library, sharing a tool or resource that you have developed or adapted, or would like to reach out to someone in Spanish, contact Kati!

Executive Director

Katie is the inroads Executive Director. Katie is an organizer, producer, and communications strategist focusing on reproductive justice and rights and migrant rights. She came to the role after serving as Campaign Co-Convenor for the Abortion Rights Campaign in Ireland. Katie ran research and strategy at Mule Design Studio; was Managing Director of Disposable Film Festival; and has lead media and arts engagement initiatives producing advocacy films and content including an award-winning film addressing abortion stigma. At inroads, Katie focuses on engagement, communications, sharing, arts & activism, web publication, training and presentation, documentation, and direct action. If you have an interest in stigma training and workshops; collaborating on a project, film, article, or public/artistic intervention; or being in an inroads member spotlight or published on making inroads blog, contact Katie!

Steering Committee

Inroads’ multidisciplinary, multi-lingual Steering Committee advises the network mission and activities. Selected through an open application process, these advocates and practitioners bring invaluable perspectives on abortion stigma mitigation and research from a variety of local, regional, and global contexts.

Kinga Jelinska Women Help Women

Kinga Jelinska is the Executive Director of international activist non-profit Women Help Women. She works on programs about abortion pills and community empowerment with aim to de-stigmatize self-managed abortions and community models of provision of information and services.

Jedidah Maina Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH)

Jedidah Maina is the Deputy Director at Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH), a non-profit trust organization in Kenya. She works with grassroots women creating safe spaces for frank conversations about sex and sexuality, and using our collected experiences to influence policy and program change.

SiobhÁn Clancy Abortion Rights Campaign

Siobhán Clancy is an active founding member of the national, all volunteer grassroots Abortion Rights Campaign in Ireland. In her professional practice, she works as a visual artist collaborating with groups on multimedia and live works relevant to health, disability, education and social justice particularly concerning young people and women in Ireland.

Bing Parcon Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights

Bing Parcon is Programme Officer at the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights responsible for membership and networking, campaigning and advocacy activities on sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Asia Pacific region. She also coordinates the Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network (PINSAN), network of human rights advocates openly works on the issue of unsafe abortion for the first time in Philippine history.

Laura Hurley IPPF

Technical Adviser for Youth Services at the Central Office of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). She contributes to a programme addressing abortion stigma as it affects young people’s access to services, working with IPPF Member Associations in Benin, Burkina Faso, India and Pakistan.

María Luisa Sánchez-Fuentes Femisana Women’s Clinic

María Luisa Sánchez-Fuentes is the Deputy Director at Femisana Women’s Clinic and focuses on second and third trimester needs, quality of care, and sexual and reproductive health services and counseling. She was also a founding steering committee member of CLACAI and is active across the Latin American regional context to decriminalize and expand access to abortion.

Madeline Blodgett Sea Change Program

Madeline Blodgett is the Capacity Building Director at the Sea Change Program, working to transform the culture of reproductive stigma. They partner with community advocates, organizations, and researchers to identify, test, and evaluate creative stigma interventions and strategies for culture change.

Kristen Shellenberg Ipas

Kristen Shellenberg is a research scientist at Ipas who collaborates with colleagues and partners all around the world to further our understanding and measurement of abortion stigma; design, implement, and evaluate stigma reduction efforts at multiple levels of society; and generally works to ensure that women get the abortion experience they want, need and deserve – in or out of the formal health system.

Network Host

Ipas is the founding host organization of the network, providing support to the network operations through financial, development, human resources, communications, and staffing support to the network.

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inroads is supported by the Packard Foundation, among other generous sources.

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