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LIVEI Rwanda is a gender justice and human rights organization. Its thematic areas include Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, including challenging the stigma related to abortion. The LIVEI Rwanda project that will be supported by inroads 2021 iPF Grants aims to harness storytelling models to reduce abortion stigma in Rwanda. LIVEI Rwanda has extensive […]

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Abortion is careAbortion is autonomyAbortion is dignityAbortion is communityAbortion is healthcareAbortion is liberationAbortion is a fundamental human rightWe need to bust all abortion stigmaWe need to protect, defend, and support our abortion movements Our freedom to decide over our bodies is not up for debate. Supporting the reproductive justice movements, ensuring access to abortion services […]

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At this fraught moment in history, I am thinking about two very large groups of people and feeling grief, anger, exhaustion, and resolve. First, I am thinking about the people who, in the next several years, are not going to get the abortions they need; about people who will stay in relationships they shouldn’t; people […]