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Do we risk causing harm when we research stigma?

It was almost a decade ago that we started conducting research to assess abortion stigma in partnership with service delivery organizations in the Global South. We adapted various stigma scales to learn about perceptions of and experiences with stigma among people seeking abortion, as well as attitudes about abortion among community members. We often adapted […]

Updates & News

We Are Looking for Interpreters

To help create a more accessible network! The inroads team is looking to build up a pool of interpreters in order honor the power and dignity of varied language-speakers in the network and to ensure that inroads members can access and authentically engage in ongoing programs. We are looking for members who have experience interpreting (both trained/certified interpretation and/or […]

Spacious Solidarity

How Lawyers Play a Role in Community Care and Reproductive Justice: Spacious Solidarity Dialogue

Join the conversation, which as always, is grounded in the values of mutual learning and community care. Jasmine Lovely George (Hidden Pockets, India) and Rose Wakikona (CEHURD, Uganda) are inroads members who have been boldly busting abortion stigma through their work of legal support and research around the abortion law, particularly for young people. Tune […]

Spacious Solidarity

Abortion Storytelling and Narrative Change with Renee Bracey Sherman and Camila Ochoa Mendoza ~ Spacious Solidarity Dialogue

This week’s Spacious Solidarity dialogue surrounds the topics of storytelling and narrative change for abortion stories. Renee Bracey Sherman and Camila Ochoa Mendoza lead us through a conversation that centers people who have had abortions, delving into the richness, power and essentialness of abortion stories and leadership of people who have had abortions. The discussants […]

Updates & News

Host an Online Session with inroads

We are inviting inroads members to host online sessions (dialogues, webinars or workshops) around key areas of thematic work in the network, as a way to build deeper understandings, center experience and creatively strategize ways to bust abortion stigma. The goals of these online sessions are skill-sharing and relationship-building. We encourage members to pitch sessions that […]

Spacious Solidarity

Spacious Solidarity: Accompanying Abortions with Doulas and Hotlines

Presented by Ika Ayu and Isabel Perez  As many of you may know, inroads became an independent organization as of September 2020. With indepen-dance comes a fresh dedication and rootedness in the values we have adopted as an independent org: Community Care, Equity, Authentic Engagement and Fearless Passion. We are continuing with our Spacious Solidarity […]

Updates & News

Celebrating inroads Independence and Transformation!

To the inroads Community, The inroads team is excited to announce that now, as of September 1 2020, the inroads network is a fully independent non-profit organization! With this move to independence, we continue in our dedication to ending abortion stigma and discrimination while working to mitigate and manage the negative impacts that stigma and […]